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Automated Enterance - Model 2000 Automatic Door Operator

  • HANDICAP - ADA Compliant Low Energy Door Operator
  • CONTROLLED ACCESS - To secured areas
  • FULL ENERGY - With safety for high traffic retail and commercial applications

Our Model 2000 Doubles as an ADA Compliant Low Energy, handicap operator, and as a Full Energy, high traffic operator. Our new B100S control is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and ANSI 156.19, as well as the new requirements under ANSI 156.10. The control includes safety and readily accepts all safety devices.

The Model 2000 is a "one size fits all" product for both interior and exterior, low energy and full energy applications. Designed primarily for large exterior doors as well as all interior applications of low energy (ADA) requirements. The Model 2000 is perfect for all full energy automatic door situations as the control is compatible with all safety products.

Numerous opening signal devices will activate the operator for access by disabled persons. Adjustable hold-open time is 0-60 seconds. When the door is obstructed, opening force is restricted and the door immediately begins to close.

Door security is our fastest area of growth. Our operator is the perfect solution for controlled access situations as our control will interface with all key and card security systems, locking devices, and computer control entries.

Automated Entrance automatic door operators are unexcelled for providing safe and easy access in handicap, high traffic, and security automatic door applications. All Automated Entrance products are of heavy-duty, maintenance free construction, highly reliable, significantly reducing service call-backs.

  • ADA Compliant
  • ANSI 156.19 Compliant
  • ANSI 156.10 Compliant
  • Compatible with all key and card security systems, locking devices, and computer control entries
  • 2-24VAC power for sensor
  • 1-24VDC power for sensor
  • Primary & Secondary Activation
  • Primary and Secondary Safety
  • Delayed Activation
  • Hold Open
  • Electric Lock
  • Low voltage ON/Off
  • One Man installation
  • Surface application - all doors
  • Interior Application
  • Exterior Application
  • Electro-mechanical operation