Strength and durability of a rolling service door with compact design and clean appearance. Although primarily used as a closure on counter openings, it may also be used on openings providing walk-thru or drive-thru access. Counter door construction can be modified to provide for stainless steel service doors up to 16′ wide, 10′ high and 144 square feet.


Steel & Stainless Steel Counter Doors

R&S Steel and Stainless Steel Doors combine strength and durability with compact design and neat appearance. Although primarily utilized as a closure on counter openings, these doors may also be used on openings large enough to provide walk-thru or drive-thru access. Counter doors can be modified in construction to meet stainless steel service door requirements up to 16 feet wide, 10 feet high at a maximum of 144 square feet.

Aluminum Counter Doors

R&S Aluminum Counter Doors offer compact design and attractive appearance. Anodized extruded aluminum components combine a lightweight, smooth, bright finish and excellent corrosion resistance for a variety of applications. Counter door construction can be modified to provide anodized aluminum service doors up to 12 feet wide, 10 feet high and a maximum of 100 square feet.

  • Slat Type – Interlocking type 18 flat galvanized steel or stainless steel slat options
  • Barrel – Steel pipe houses spring assembly and supports curtain with maximum deflection of .03 inch per foot of width
  • Springs – Torsion springs on continuous cold-rolled steel shaft
  • Brackets – Steel plate brackets attach to guides to support curtain and barrel
  • Guides – Box shape guides formed from steel or stainless steel
  • Foot Piece – Single angle or tubular foot piece with astragal
  • Hood – 24 gage galvanized or stainless steel hood reinforced with top and bottom flanges to limit deflection
  • Locking Mechanism – Slide bolt locks on single angle foot piece and cylinder lock on optional tubular foot piece
  • Finish – Galvanized steel slats and hoods are pre-finished with a baked on grey polyester primer before forming. Steel foot piece, guides and brackets receive one coat of rust inhibiting grey primer. Exposed stainless steel provided with #4 finish.
  • Operation – Push-up to 14′ wide and awning crank on larger sizes is standard (awning crank should be considered when doors are to be operated over a deep counter over 7′ high). Optional chain hoist or motor operator.