High-Speed Doors

In today’s busy world, the demand for high-speed doors is on the rise. When it comes to superior construction, durability and fail-free operation – Albany and Dynaco High-Speed Doors are where it’s at. R&S is a proud high-speed door installer and repair company, and we’re now in the 6th-decade of being one of San Francisco’s leading industrial and commercial door companies.

High Speed Doors That Deliver What You Want, Where You Want It

These technically-sound doors deliver over and over again in all the ways that matter– strength, durability, reliability, efficiency. Plus, they’re able to meet the demands of extreme operational expectations.

Some of the features included in our high-speed roll-up doors include:

  • Safety first. High-speed doors, mean high-power doors – so the combination of soft bottom edges and regular safety training for employees and others ensure nobody – and no property – is hurt.
  • Repair-ability. While R&S is a licensed, high-speed door repair company, we know you’d rather get back to business than call a repair company if you don’t need to. Fortunately, Dynaco’s doors automatically re-insert themselves with the push of a button and have side guide technology that provides an extremely tight seal – features that prevent downtime and increase productivity.
  • High-speed options. In some applications, these innovative commercial doors can move up to 8-feet per second.
  • Windload. Is wind a concern? You’ll enjoy wind load protection up to 141 mph.

These Doors can be Installed Anywhere

Inside, outside and specialty applications – there are high-speed door options for every location and application.

  • Exterior doors. Designed with heavy-duty steel and impact-proof rubber, exterior high-speed doors are designed to handle heavy equipment traffic, combined with speed and reliability.
  • Interior doors. Need to separate critical areas and/or increase efficiency in your facility? Interior high-speed doors are the way to go and offer tight seals, temperature control, and other customized features depending on your needs.
  • Cold storage doors. How do you achieve temperature control when access to a space needs to be opened hundreds of times per day? Customized cold storage doors are the way to go – with insulation properties that can’t be rivaled.

Other application specific high-speed doors include clean room, heavy industry, and vertical lifting fabric doors.

Contact us here at R&S to learn more about your commercial or industrial high-speed roll-up door options.