Specialty Applications

Part of being a customer-centric commercial and industrial door company is the ability to meet your customer’s needs – regardless of how unique they may be. To that end, R&S has a full line of specialty applications offered in addition to our standard, commercial door menu.

Contact the R&S team online, or give us a call at 415-981-7590, to discuss your needs or to schedule a free, onsite consultation and estimate.

Specialty Applications for Your San Francisco Commercial or Industrial Business

Some of our most sought-after specialty applications include:

QMI Security Products: Interested in high-quality door and window security that’s reliable, transparent and less-space consumptive than standard rolling steel doors or grates? QMI Security Products are the answer and are optimal solutions for convenience stores, storefront locations, and even residential windows.

Strip Doors. When the cost, lack of speed and high-demand entrance/exits make it difficult to install a rolling door, strip doors provide an economical solution. They provide protection from the elements, conserve energy, minimize pests, and improve traffic flow. Strip doors are available in clear and tinted options and individual strips are easy to replace. The most requested applications for strip doors are warehouses, freezers and coolers, food service facilities, material handling and manufacturing plants.

Air curtains. These are economical solutions for store owners, hotel and reception areas, warehouses and other applications where doorways are kept open but whole-building comfort and efficiency demands containing heated or cool conditioned air inside the building.

Scissor gates. These are the industry standard when it comes to creating a security barrier that is durable but allows some semblance of transparency across storefront windows and windowed doorways. They can also be used to secure hallways, wings of buildings, warehouses and other applications.

R&S Can Fabricate Custom Options

Don’t see something you’re looking for? Contact R&S and we’ll see if we offer it or if we’re able to fabricate it right here in our very own warehouse. You can also give us a call at 415-981-7590 and our knowledgeable commercial and industrial door pros can answer any questions you may have.